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we  have  to  offer:

 w h a t  i s  l i f e c o a c h i n g  i n  c o n t r a s t  t o 

t h e r a p y ? 

simply- a coach works with where you are to move you forward in your life as opposed to traditional therapy where you work on your past in hopes to find peace in today. as a coach I can help show you all the places you either have peace in today or can choose it with the power of shifting just one thought, idea or action and therefore have a platform to move forward empowered.

 e m o t i o n a l  r e f l e x o l o g y :

we can tell alot about the path a person has walked by simply observing them… feet/hands/face, included. while the hologram of the body is present in all of these places and more, our story and the emotions from which we have traveled are held and stored for future reference in the soles of feet. using reflexology to engage in a conversation with each area of the feet (and other parts of the body)- is an incredibly progressive and effective way to hear a bodies story and begin to re-write it. This is done by defining each organs energy ending, releasing the emotion or story in those areas and then coaching around or visualizing a deep intention for the clients forward path.

 w e l l n e s s  &  l i f e  d e s i g n  c o n s u l t a t i o n s:

in a wellness or life design consultation we will sit and review your wellness history, evaluate your goals then build tools to get there.  we may discuss aspects such as nutrition, suppliments, meditation or yoga.  ultimately we will design a new way of empowering your life and wellness thru simple shifts that create POWERFUL results!

 s u s t a i n a b i l i t y  &  r e s k i l l i n g  w o r k  s h o p s / c o n s u l t a t i o n s:

i offer these consultations by the hour/day/or weekend package.  we will get together, walk thru your home or garden (yard) and then restructure what you have going on to be as sustainable as your resources or wishes would enjoy.  inside the home that may be how to grey water your washing machine, how to make your own cleaning supplies, how to maximize energy usage in YOUR home, etc.  we can go thru your kitchen/bathroom/garage cabinets and learn which items are healthiest and most sustainable and which we could switch out, over time, for healthier, nore conscious options.  We can take a trip thru your yard and workshop around creating sustainable foods, etc with repurposed items, etc.  And I am very ok with a trip to the grocery store and an afternoon in your kitchen to teach you how to best utilize nutrition without having alot of time or even being a gourmet cook.

p o l a r i t y  &  c r a n i a l  s a c r a l:

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive health care system: a synthesis of eastern & western healing systems. energy is seen as the underlying force that creates the structure of our bodies, determines the health of the organ systems & establishes our personal well-being. polarity therapy utilizes four modes of healing, body- work, exercise, dietary awareness & dialogue. these sessions involve light touch to balance the energy fields of the chakras, bring to consciousness areas of blockage & healing touch (Reiki) to energize the body & aid healing. it is an excellent therapy for cancer patients & many other conditions.

benefits of polarity therapy:

-aligns energy body -releases energy blocks -energizes all levels of body, mind & spirit -deeply relaxing

Cranial-Sacral Therapy is one of the most successful & fastest growing approaches to mind-body health. these treatments work with the central nervous system, the cranial nervous & the body’s expression of the deepest level of health and the body’s own ability to heal. the treatment process can manifest as a relief of symptoms to resolution of very core problems. a session begins with a discussion of health issues or concerns & the treatment is comprised of a gentle listening touch as you lie fully clothed in the massage table. a client may have a variety of experiences, including extremely deep relaxation, changes in fluid pressure, tissues release, heat tingling & energy flowing in the body.

conditions that respond to Cranial-Sacral Therapy:

-Headaches -Sinus problems -TMJ dysfunction -Visual disturbances -Digestive problems -Trauma

-Chronic fatigue -Calms the nervous system -Increases vitality

 h y p n o s i s:

hypnotherapy is a form of healing that has proven effective in balancing & healing the subconscious mind & spirit through guided imagery.

other uses of hypnotherapy include:

-pain reduction dealing -with anger in a positive way -building self confidence -improving concentration & motivation -attracting healthier people & relationships -realizing your life goals -programming your mind to think in a more positive light -reducing & managing stress -treating panic attacks & OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) -relieving phobias and so much more…

Hypnotherapy is accepted by the American Medical Association (AMA) as an

officially recognized therapeutic model for healing.

 a r o m a – t h e r a p y  b o d y  w r a p s  &  c o c o o n s:

these treatments strongly focus on the largest organ of your body, your skin. offering exfoliation, hydration & massage our body treatments not only provide relaxation, but noticeably softer, firmer skin & detoxification. we offer various wraps & cocoons from hydrating oils to detoxifying clays.

 e a r c o n i n g:

ear coning is a safe, simple home remedy for gently removing excess wax & toxins from inside the ears & eustachian tubes. long,tapered cones are inserted into the ears & lit. the waxy, tacky smoke generated by the beeswax cones spirals down into the eustachian tube & then returns the toxins which adhere back to the cone. the entire process is relaxing & noninvasive.

 t o e   r e a d i n g:

toe reading is based on the theory that your body holographically records the

story of your life- & asks the question- are you walking your destined path?

what is it that our toes can tell us? by looking at the shape, length, thickness, color & other

features of the toes & applying a technique called Soul Coaching, toe readers can help you decide if you are walking the path you were destined to walk on this earth. we can see how you relate to others, how you take care of yourself & if there are blockages that are keeping you from accepting the prosperity & abundance that is rightfully yours. are you a procrastinator?

Is there a relationship you are hanging on to that is dragging you down?

while we cannot tell you when you will meet that special someone or the gender

of your next child, toe reading can be a catalyst to change.


amy joon, hwp


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